lundi 25 mai 2015

Quilt artist of the week.

"Quilt Artist of the Week" is a free subscription service sending you a link to visit a new and exciting quilt artist every week.

Welcome to your "Quilt Artist of the Week"
For your very first "Quilt Artist of the Week" I am taking you to Belgium to visit Marie Claire Saint Maux and her wonderful African-influenced quilts.

Marie Claire's blog is available in both English and French and her website is in French. You can easily translate it using Google Translator, and it is well worth taking the time to do this as she has some wonderful information. Her beautiful images of course need no translation so you can enjoy them in either language.

I hope you enjoy visiting with Marie Claire and if you have any questions for her, she can be contacted through her website or blog.
In English
In French

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Meet Quilt Artist of the Week: Marie Claire Saint Maux
In Marie Claire's Words

What makes people think:
"That is a Marie Claire Saint Maux quilt" when they look at my quilts. It is because the feeling is AFRICAN. I love African fabrics and their dramatic colors.

On my website at you will find a goldmine of information about textiles from barkcloth, raphia, batiks, tie and dyes, mudcloth, Kita woven clothes. There are links about the tools used, the meaning of some symbols, my collection of "boubous" and of course some of my quilts. I put this website together to pass on the knowledge that I have acquired hoping that one day it will be useful to others.

Since our return to Belgium I have started a blog at which you can subscribe to and I will keep you up to date about my future exhibitions and activities. Also on my blog you can see some "Collage lace scarves" learned from Marinda Stewart as well as my textile activities with children and so on. I have tried to work with other fibers, burning, and distorting but it is not my cup of tea so I am back to my African style.
About Marie Claire

I was born in Belgium in 1940. After the war, my parents and I moved to the Belgian Congo where we lived for many years. I have also lived in Rwanda, Burundi, Niger, Tchad, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mozambico, Argentina and in the Philippines. Then we came back for summer in Belgium and winter in Agadir Morocco. Now we live in Nassogne in the Belgian Ardennes. I have also traveled to 20 other countries - even the United States! I am a dietician, a Reiki Master and I have a degree in hypnosis. I have 3 children and 11 grand children.

I started quilting in South Africa. I have taken many workshops in South Africa, Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines France, Holland, and the last one with Linda Colsh here in Belgium. As I am always seem to be isolated, thanks to the Internet I have been able to take many on-line classes. I have exhibited in many countries mainly in multi-artistic shows.

939 N Clara Ave, Deland, FL 32720, USA 

lundi 18 octobre 2010


Another picture to inspire you

samedi 17 avril 2010


Should you want to have special holidays, I suggest you to have a look at

vendredi 5 février 2010


A another one from Marocco

samedi 9 janvier 2010


Another picture of Dumaguete. Can you believe it could be possible in our countries?

the golden thumb

This is a sculpture made of polysthyrene by a friend of mine in Dumaguete, phillipines islands.
I painted it to use it in front of my house as to show my place.

vendredi 13 novembre 2009


This is a picture i took in Singapor 2 years ago. Which are your limits?