samedi 27 juin 2009


This is Winky, a friend of mine's dog.

Musical July in Saint Hubert

this photo transfer will be showed on the night market of Nassogne


another photo transfer of my 11th granchild Tyana

vendredi 26 juin 2009


I have just the Twitter net. Is it another friend on Twitter?

mardi 9 juin 2009


Another photo transfer done for the night market. She is a friend of mine. She had to stay quiet after a surgery on her foot. So she decided to stat painting and she exhibited during the Nassogne's artists ramble.

dimanche 7 juin 2009


The feature from JJ Foley in the Quilting arts Magazine 35 issue inspired me to try her (or his) method. Starting from a photo that I took during an "artistic nude" workshop with Bernard Pajak teacher. I altered it with the computer program.
The black echoing lines are the ones which should be quilted. Since a lot is still to be improved Ii am sure that I will enjoy myself doing other sketches on paper before trying one onto fabric.


During july and august, summertime here in Nassogne, there is a night markt open twice monthly. I will participate exhibiting some small works.
I have done quite a lot of perspectives (thanks to Angela Madden) .
People love that kind of quilts.
I would not say that it is artquilt but as we say in french, it is the everyday bread that feeds the family.


Just another one.