samedi 25 juillet 2009

night market

This was my stand yesterday at one of the summer night markets in Nassogne

lundi 20 juillet 2009

Celles Ramble

This exhibition is wellknown for its quality. This year about thirty artists of different fields will exhibit in this small village, one of the most beautiful of Wallonie in Belgium. I will be the only textile artist
You are welcome.
Details on

vendredi 17 juillet 2009

first collage

Inspired by Wen Richmond collage serie I started this small quilt which includes the use of what I learned from the workshop "Drawn to pen and ink" Quilting arts Workshops.
The fabrics are scraps from all the ones I have collected in Africa


After following Linda Matthews's FFMG I did my home work adapting my african style and using the Markal oil painsticks , keeping in my mind the project "for a good cause

lundi 13 juillet 2009

mercredi 8 juillet 2009

Water carrying

I am starting a quilt for a poject named "Ca coule de source?" Who can translate it in english? With some belgian and african artists we would like to start a travelling exhibition which should draw people's attention on the problem of water in the world.
This is the first draft from the women transporting water all the day long.