dimanche 26 avril 2009

french blog

For the ones who would like to know more about me you can visit my french blog http://marieclairartiste.blogspot.com or my web site www.afriquartquilt.be

Artist of the week

From the first of May I will appear on Linda Matthews site http:// www.inspire.creative-textile-and-quilting-arts.com as "artist of the week" If you want to follow me subbscrige to the newsletter

La Lettre

Vandaq doll

As in many african countries people are illiterate, they have to use their own language.
This litlle woven doll (in Senegal) is carried on the back of the young girls who are pubescent, meaning: I am on the market, who will marry me?


this is made from a real old telegram (letters before internet) printed on fabric from my printer onto cotton and quilted

The Letter

The tittle of this artquilt, done for the Letter exhibitinon, is Angel, like amour, admiration , amitié (friendship),...the letter A

jeudi 16 avril 2009

365 pictures

Some of my pictures and prompts are planned to be the prompt of the day on the: 19 april; 17 may; 9 june; 6 july; 8 august; 27 august.
If you want to have a look at http://www.creativity-portal.com/prompts/365/pictures.html
you are most welcome


This small village is classified as one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonie.
The exhibition took place in the Ermitage Saint Adelin (top right)
Many thanks to Michel Evrard Thoelen ,organizer,and to all his right arms.


The other artists were Bernard Pajak, Guy Vandervoort and Philippe Blondin photographers.Annette Burnotte calligraphy, Sulévia artistic jewels, Nicolas Rouard sculptor, Pol Ledent, Robert Raskin, Stefan Swolfs, Marie Lefrancq, Simon Romin painters and Carole DeKeijser painter and philosopher

Who am I?

I have the feeling to be 2 persons in one . Whith my right brain giving its instructions seen on my left side, eveything is heavy.I am sad, tired, negative, blind, looking at the past... From my left brain is sprouting my imagination, my creativity, my smile, everything that I like to do.
In my uterus there is the sex pleasure and the children but also the pain.
All my roots are in Africa, I am a belgian white african and it is not easy to find my place here in Nassogne.
Sometimes I can get mad, I could cut one of my ear like a famous man did it before me.
I will carry on trying to find the answer.

mercredi 15 avril 2009

expo Quevaucamps

Linda and myself have been invited to participate at the exhibition organized by the Couleur Fil ( color thread) association in september. We will have to work on the words: "step" and "footprint".
I am looking forward to be there again.

Linda Colsh

Here is our great Linda in our small Belgium last week end, teaching different ways of making and using silkscreens with acrylic paint. She showed also how to make and use rubbing stamps, stencils, monopriniting... 2 days very intensive as she gives as much as she can. Thanks Linda

Music exhibition

In may I am invited at an exhibition (painters, sculptors...) on the Music theme at the Galerie Esquisses in Rochefort. The following messages are representing the quilts that will be part of it.



The lines seem to be dancing following an african music


It could also be part of the "Musique" exhibition

metropolis detail


I was working on Dena's Crain "Darned quilts" workshop but I coudn't do it the right way because of my fabric that was too thick.
Anyway I will use it for the "Musique" exhibition and it is called Metropolis like the huge Night Club of the region.

Translation of my french blog

All the following messages are a short summary of my http://marieclairartiste.blohspot.com

lundi 13 avril 2009

Burning and distorting

Foil details

Inspiration of the day: synthetic felt distorted with a heat gun, foil, wrapping paper, rope, buttons...anyway a creative and recreative exercise.

Old gold: in this one I played with the heat gun on synthetic fabric, spraypainted and then burned paper, wrapping paper, copper rings bought some time ,somewhere threads, embroideries carved in african fabric, in fact anything that seemed interesting

End of the year exhibition

It was a big challenge for me to be invited to exhibit with famous artists.
Lucky for me , none of them are textile artist, so , no possible comparison.

Playing with photos

Art Deco

In this small work I tried to experiment with the technique of "Fusing Fabric" from Margaret Beal

I took a picture of the Art Deco and worked on it with photoshop following the instructions of Gloria Hansen "Digital Design Principles in the Quilting arts magazine.

This is a detail of one of my quilt "Dream stones"

The same dream stones after the photoshop treatment.

Bernard Pajak photo worshop

Last year I took a creative photo workshop with Bernard Pajak. This is a photo taken after having thrown soapy water on the grid of a sewer.

For this one I used a piece of foil, I crimpled it before painting it. Then I put it on the photocopier moving it during ths scanning process.

This is my magic fish. I switched all the lights off, I put the camera on pause B and then I started to move that magic and luninous ball in front of the camera.

Using the same process I played with an electric torch in my kitchen. So the lights reflects on the wall.

A hazy image taken during a "nude workshop"

Wandering in a wonderful small village along the SEMOIS river I took this image of myself reflecting in the river with the floating algae.

How I see myself

The following images are self portraits, some people call them journal quilts.

This one is the reproduction on fabric of the photo of myself taken along the Semois river

This photo printed on fabric was taken in Antulang in the Negros Oriental in the Philppines.
The sand on my feet comes from that wonderful place.

After the winter, the sun starts to shine and me too.
The embroidered grass is made following the loose bobbin tension technique, learned from the encyclopedia of machine embroidery from Val Holmes.

It is my first journal quilt. I hate winter. What can you do, you can just sit near the fire. Even if you want to look outside yor nose in in front of the fog.

Decoratves scarves

Collage lace scarves from Marinda Stewart.
I got inspired by her book and decided to spend the long winter evenings playing with wool, yarns, laces to make scarves as presents for friends or family.

Lace, wool, fabric, XMas decorations..

Finished with beads

Adding roses

Using unravelled wool.

Closer view

Old house in Ardennes

I printed this photo of a typical Ardennes's house, so charming. It is hand and machine quilted.


Those are few wall hangings made with the fusing technique. You pile layers of synthetic material, on top you draw patterns with the sewing machine or using metal tools. Then using a pointed soldering iron you take off one or more layers

Art deco

Floral inspiration